Hybrid Core Pin ®

We adopt a friction welding technologyon Hybrid Core Pin.
This is a next generation corepin Joined different kinds of metals.
We can increase the life of the die bt this coreoin.

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Ejectorpin & core pin

Our Ejectorpins and corepin are mainly used for die casting molds.
Ejectorpins are used when taking products out in high tempreture environment.

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Special steel machining

We have a wealth of equipment and track record.
With advanced processing technology, Difficult processing of special steel that is shunned by other companies,
We are good at precision lathe processing

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We have supported the development of various industries through precise processing technologies for special steels,
including superheated alloys. As a partner company of Hitachi Metals Co., Ltd.
Yasugi Works, a special steel manufacturer,
we will continue to further refine the skills and technologies cultivated through our many years of experience

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